Due to the unique nature of creating these prints, there can be no refunds or returns of any order. Each image printed is a work commissioned by the buyer, and is custom printed to fill their specific order. These are not posters or prints that are pulled off a warehouse shelf. Each print is an individual work of art created for the buyer at their request. You can always be assured that the prints you will receive have been printed for you, and have never been returned by, or in possession of, another.

Any print received in a damaged condition will be replaced free of charge, but must be returned for exchange in the original mailing tube within 14 days of receipt. Any print that might be later damaged by a framer, or even inadvertently by the customer, is eligible for a special reduced reprint rate once the damaged print has been returned to PhotoSymphony Productions. Contact PhotoSymphony Productions regarding this service.

Any cancellations or changes to your order will have to be made before your order has been printed, either via telephone, email, or any other method of communication which would arrive in time to terminate the printing order. The telephone and fax number is 907-479-8097. Email contact can be found in the Lobby of this website.

Payment by check may slow the ordering process slightly while waiting for the check to clear. This is not usually the case however, since orders are generally filled as soon as they are received.

Most orders should be delivered within two weeks of receipt. Occasionally when the photographer is away for a brief filming trip, there may be a slight delay in printing your order. Any extended absences will be posted on this page when necessary.

PhotoSymphony Productions