"Buying any form of visual art online has to be a leap of faith for the buyer, since the minimal quality of images posted on the internet can never represent the true quality of any finished art. The images in this portfolio are no exception to that rule. In an effort to boost your confidence in my work, I have created a Zoom feature found at each PhotoRama, revealing a level of detail that cannot be viewed in the online panorama itself. Even these Zoom enlargements still fall short of the true quality found in the finished prints.

"Each PhotoRama consists of multiple 35mm slides that have been scanned and merged together using Photoshop. The pixel dimensions of the finished PhotoRamas are 2400 x 9600, saved as a Photoshop file. Image files are generally near 60MB in size. The finished panorama only exists as a digital file, since the original full view of the scene was never recorded on a single piece of film. Digital printing is the only practical and affordable method of creating this wonderful and unique format of photography.

"The prints you receive will have been individually printed for you, since each image is only printed at the time it is ordered. Using an Epson 2200 printer, Epson inks, and Epson Premium Luster Paper, I feel I am offering the finest quality print available at a most affordable price. The paper is a heavy weight 10 mil paper, and will handle and display like any fine art. Displayed under glass and away from sunlight, these images will easily outlast most color photographs by many, many years, and will provide at least 100 years of viewing pleasure.

"As the photographer, I can assure you that the amount of care that went into the filming, and the many hours of digital work it took to merge these multiple 35mm frames into single seamless images, would never be sacrificed by producing a poor quality print. Quality in, quality out. Each of these images are beautiful to hold, and beautiful to view and display. It would be foolhardy to release to the public any print which I would not be proud to display in my own home.

"I hope you might join the select group of individuals who are proud patrons of this unique photographic format."

"Natural beauty, seen in a Natural way."

LeRoy Zimmerman

PhotoSymphony Productions
1997 - 2006